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Download: Antares 0.8.1 for Mac OS X

Antares is based on Ares, a game developed by Nathan Lamont, and released for the classic Mac OS in 1996. After a re-release by Ambrosia Software and a major expansion which added support for plug-ins, the game fell into obscurity, as it was not ported to Mac OS X. However, in 2008, the source code was released. Antares is a port of that code to modern systems.

There are several issues that need to be fixed before the 1.0 release; the issue tracker contains a list of them. After they are fixed, Antares will have feature parity with Ares in all respects, except for plugins and multiplayer. These are considered features to be added after 1.0.

Building Antares

The long version is here. The short version is:

$ ./configure
$ make

You may need to install some extra software first; the configure script give you instructions if so.

Running Antares

The short version is:

$ make run

On Mac, the launcher will let you choose video settings, and optionally a plugin to run.

On Linux, you'll need to run out/cur/antares-install-data first. Afterwards, you may want to run out/cur/antares directly. You can choose video settings with command line options; see antares --help. There's no plugin support yet.