Stochastic simulation of cell populations proliferation
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ProCell is a modeling and simulation framework to investigate cell proliferation dynamics that, differently from other approaches, takes into account the inherent stochasticity of cell division events.

ProCell uses as input:

  • a histogram of initial cell fluorescences (e.g., GFP signal in the population);
  • the number of different sub-populations, along with their proportions;
  • the mean and standard deviation of division time for each population;
  • a fluorescence minimum threshold;
  • a maximum simulation time T, expressed in hours.

The output produced by ProCell is a histogram of GFP fluorescence after time T.

Installing and using ProCell

This part is still under development. I am setting up the GITHUB repository and currently creating a PyPI package to simplify the installation process.

Meanwhile, you can just download the source code and launch ProCell's GUI (python gui/ A tutorial about modeling, calibration and simulation will be published soon.

More info about ProCell

If you need additional information about ProCell please write to: