cuTauLeaping is CUDA-powered coarse-grain stochastic simulator of mass-action kinetics models
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#cuTauLeaping release 1.0.0


cuTauLeaping is a stochastic simulator of biological systems that exploits the remarkable memory bandwidth and computational capability of GPUs. cuTauLeaping allows to efficiently execute in parallel large numbers of stochastic simulations, which are usually required to investigate the emergent dynamics of a given biological system under different conditions. cuTauLeaping is based on Cao's improved version of tau-leaping (

HOW TO CITE cuTauLeaping

Nobile M.S., Cazzaniga P., Besozzi D., Pescini D., Mauri G.: cuTauLeaping: a GPU-powered tau-leaping stochastic simulator for massive parallel analyses of biological systems, PLoS ONE, 9(3): e91963, 2014


Just the Nvidia CUDA library (version >7.0).


A cuTauLeaping binary can be compiled on any supported architecture (e.g., GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple OS/X) using the following compilation command:

nvcc -gencode=arch=compute_20,code=compute_20 -O3 -o cuTauLeaping --use_fast_math

The command above would create a binary executable file runnable on GPUs with at least a compute capability equal to 2.0. Please note that a specific compute capability, supporting additional functionality, can be targeted by using the gencode argument. For instance, to target the compute capability 3.5, the following argument can be passed to nvcc:



cuTauLeaping is designed to be launched from the command line. The arguments are:

./cuTauLeaping input_folder threads blocks gpu offset output_folder prefix fitness force_ssa


  • input_folder is the path to the directory containing the input model;
  • threads is the number of CUDA threads per blocks;
  • blocks is the number of CUDA blocks used to distribute the requested parallel threads;
  • output_folder is the path to the directory that will store the output dynamics of the simulations;
  • prefix is the file name of the output files. A number, corresponding the thread, will be automatically appended to the filename by cupSODA;
  • force_ssa forces the algorithm to rely only on exact SSA steps.

Further information about the gpu, fitness and offset arguments, along with the specifications of the input files, can be found at the following address:


BSD License