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Django-admin-tools-stats is a Django admin module that allow you to create easily charts on your dashboard based on specific models and criterias
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Description:Django-admin module to create charts and stats in your dashboard
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Django-admin-tools-stats is a Django admin module that allow you to create easily charts on your dashboard based on specific models and criterias.

It will query your models and provide reporting and statistics graphs, simple to read and display on your Dashboard.


Install, upgrade and uninstall django-admin-tools-stats with these commands:

$ pip install django-admin-tools-stats


django-admin-tools-stats is a django based application, the major requirements are :

  • python-dateutil
  • django-jsonfield
  • django-qsstats-magic
  • django-cache-utils
  • django-admin-tools
  • django-nvd3
  • django-bower


  • Configure admin_tools

  • Configure django-bower

    • Add django-bower to INSTALLED_APPS in

    • Add the following properties to you file:

      # Specifie path to components root (you need to use absolute path)
      BOWER_COMPONENTS_ROOT = os.path.join(PROJECT_ROOT, 'components')
    • Add django-bower finder to your static file finders:

    • Run the following commands. These will download nvd3.js and its dependencies using bower and throw them in to you static folder for access by your application:

      $ python bower_install
      $ python collectstatic
  • Add admin_tools_stats & django_nvd3 into INSTALLED_APPS in

  • Add following code to

    from admin_tools_stats.modules import DashboardCharts, get_active_graph
    # append an app list module
        _('Dashboard Stats Settings'),
        models=('admin_tools_stats.*', ),
    # Copy following code into your custom dashboard
    # append following code after recent actions module or
    # a link list module for "quick links"
    graph_list = get_active_graph()
    for i in graph_list:
        kwargs = {}
        kwargs['require_chart_jscss'] = True
        kwargs['graph_key'] = i.graph_key
        for key in context['request'].POST:
            if key.startswith('select_box_'):
                kwargs[key] = context['request'].POST[key]
  • To create the tables needed by Django-admin-tools-stats, run the following command:

    $ python syncdb
  • You may also need to add some includes to your template admin base, see an example on the demo project:


  • Open admin panel, configure Dashboard Stats Criteria & Dashboard Stats respectively


If you've found a bug, add a feature or improve django-admin-tools-stats and think it is useful then please consider contributing. Patches, pull requests or just suggestions are always welcome!

Source code:

Bug tracker:


Documentation is available on 'Read the Docs':


Copyright (c) 2011-2017 Star2Billing S.L. <>

django-admin-tools-stats is licensed under MIT, see MIT-LICENSE.txt.

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