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Django mix of goodies, common snippets, templatetags and more
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Django Helper, Utils and mix of Snippets

Django-Lets-go provide a lot of goodies, functions, useful snippets recompiled, if you develop some Django projects you will certainly found something useful here.

Django-lets-go contains the following :

1. Model

  • intermediate_model_base_class

2. Middleware

  • FilterPersistMiddleware

3. Functions

  • get_unique_code - Generate unique code
  • pass_gen - Unique password generator
  • comp_month_range - Prepare month range list to compare with selected month
  • comp_day_range - Prepare day range list to compare with selected day
  • date_range - Get date list between two dates
  • validate_days - Validate no of days in given month and year
  • get_news - Get news from news url
  • only_one - Decorator for distributed task locking in celery
  • ceil_strdate - Convert a string date to either a start or end day date
  • percentage - Get percentage value
  • unset_session_var - Unset settion variable
  • getvar - Check field in POST/GET request and return field value. if there is value you can also save a session variable
  • word_capital - Capitalizes the first character of each word

4. Template tags

  • time_in_min - Convert value in min:sec or seconds format

  • conv_min - Convert value in min:sec format

  • month_name - Get month name from 1-12 int no

  • sort_link - Usage: {% sort_link "link text" "field_name" %} or {% sort_link "link text" "field_name" "Visible name" %}

  • get_fieldset- Make group of fields for field-set

    Usage: {% get_fieldset field1,field2 as list_field from xyz_form %}

  • groupby_rows - Returns a list of n lists. Each sub-list is the same length

  • groupby_rows - Returns a list of lists where each sub-list has n items.

  • listsort - Perform sorting on template list

  • convert_to_int - Convert value to interger

  • wordcap - Capitalizes the first character of each words.

  • percentage_tag - get percentage value.

5. Fields

  • LanguageField - Field to language list

6. Test suite tools

  • build_test_suite_from : Returns a single or group of unittest test suite

7. Admin Class Helper

  • AppLabelRenamer Class for django admin UI
  • export_as_csv_action - Admin custom action which returns an export csv


  1. Install using the sources

    pip install -r requirements.txt
    python install
  2. Install with PIP

    python install django-lets-go

Projects using Django-lets-go


Changelog summary :


Django-lets-go is licensed under MIT

The Initial Developer is Arezqui Belaid <>

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