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An example shop developed in vanilla PHP.
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Super Shop

An example shop developed in vanilla PHP.

Step 1

Initial page developed using only HTML and CSS:

  • Created folder for images
  • Created folder for css
  • Added css/style.css
  • Added images/products/1.png
  • Added images/site/logo.svg
  • Added index.php

Step 2

Organize the HTML code into separate template files:

  • Created folder templates/common
  • Created folder templates/category
  • Created folder templates/product
  • Added templates/common/header.php
  • Added templates/category/list_categories.php
  • Added templates/product/list_products.php
  • Added templates/common/footer.php
  • Moved code from index.php to new files

Step 3

Created the database:

  • Created folder database
  • Added database/connection.php
  • Added database/shop.sql
  • Generated database/shop.db using sqlite3
  • Added images for 3 more products in images/products
  • Included database/connection.php in index.php

Step 4

Categories are now listed from the database:

  • Added database/category.php
  • Used getAllCategories in index.php
  • Updated templates/category/list_categories.php

Step 5

Products are now listed from the database:

  • Added database/product.php
  • Used getAllProducts in index.php
  • Updated templates/product/list_products.php

Step 6

Started session:

  • Created folder includes
  • Added includes/init.php
  • Added includes/session.php
  • Pages now include includes/init.php instead of database/connection.php

Step 7

Added shopping cart:

  • Added action_add_to_cart.php
  • Created getCartSize and addToCart in includes/session.php
  • Used getCartSize in templates/common/header.php
  • Created getCartProducts in database/product.php
  • Added list_cart.php
  • Added templates/product/list_cart.php

Step 8

Added login and logout:

  • Added user table in database/shop.sql
  • Regenerated database/shop.db
  • Added database/user.php
  • Created setCurrentUser in includes/session.php
  • Added templates/common/user.php
  • Included templates/common/user.php in templates/common/header.php
  • Added action_login.php
  • Added action_logout.php

Step 9

Added error and success messages:

  • Added messages section to templates/common/header.php
  • Added getErrorMessages, getSuccessMessages and clearMessages to includes/session.php
  • Added messages in action_login.php, action_logout.php and action_add_to_cart.php

Step 10

Added registration form with javascript validation:

  • Added register.php
  • Added templates/user/register.php
  • Modified css/style.css to include register form styles
  • Added javascript/script.js with register form validation
  • Included javascript in templates/common/header.php
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