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Aug 7th 2018

  • Speedtest mod is uptodate with Pi-hole v4.0
  • Pi-hole v4.0 released on 2018-08-06. Speedtest mod integration is going on will take approx 3 to 5 days.

About the project

So project is just another fun project integrating speedtest to PiHole Web UI.

Note : It’s just a quick solution , nowhere near perfect . If you made it better please let me know here

It will be using on background for testing. More frequent the speed tests more data will used.

What does this mod have in extra ?

  1. Speedtest results of 1/2/4/7/30 days as graph.
  2. Custom speed test server selection.
  3. Detailed speedtest results page.
  4. Ability to schedule speedtest interval.

Install Instructions

Update Instructions

Uninstall Instructions

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