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Want to find crates for GUI in Rust? Then you've come to the right place!

What is this?

Companion website to arewegameyet, arewewebyet, and arewelearningyet.


To make it easy for people (hey, that's you! 😊) to contribute, AreWeGuiYet uses a custom Rust CLI. It's currently a work in progress and is a little rough around the edges.

The workflow:

  • fork AreWeGuiYet
  • clone your fork
  • cd to the CLI directory (cli) (it currently uses relative paths 😬)
  • Build and run the CLI!
    • Usage: cargo run -- [--clean] <command> [flags]
    • Help: cargo run -- help
  • When you're done, commit your changes, push to your fork, and...
  • Open a pull request!

Building the CLI requires Rust 1.31+. The CLI maintains a cache so it doesn't hammer any APIs with more calls than it needs to. If you downloaded the repo awhile ago, please be sure to run with the --clean flag.

At some point in the near future it would be nice to add CI that keeps the site updated.

If you need assistance (or especially if there's a bug, of which there are certainly many), please open an issue (it's much appreciated! 💖).

Please note: If you find yourself editing any .json files because the CLI doesn't work or you think it's dumb (a reasonable opinion), it would be appreciated to add to the top of the file when adding new entries.

n.b., Because the CLI uses reqwest, which brings in hyper and tokio, it may take awhile to compile and requires about half a gigabyte of disk space.

To submit a crate

Run the framework command from the cli directory like so: cargo run -- framework!

The CLI will walk you through the rest and will help make sure that AreWeGuiYet doesn't become stale and contains the most recent information. If you make any errors, you can either ctrl-c to exit and start over or carry on: When the CLI is done, you will find the ecosystem.json populated with your additions. You can edit in any necessary changes. The main purpose of the CLI is to encourage using defaults (which are written and updated by crate maintainers) and follow a few consistency guidelines.

If you use the defaults, the CLI will automatically pull the most recent info from (or cough the cache) whenever publish is run.

When you are ready to submit, please run the publish command. Now you're ready to open your PR!

To submit a news link or post

This part of the CLI is unfinished as of writing. However, you may submit links and posts by editing the newsfeed.json file directly, for now. The CLI publish command will update the HTML appropriately (or yell at you if you made any oopsie woopsies; just like borrowchk!).

You may also host posts written in markdown directly in this repo!

To do so, add your post to localposts with the .md extension. Follow the pattern in newsfeed.json to reference the file, and then run publish command through the CLI. Then open a PR! Woot!


ecosystem_tags.json lists descriptions for tags. There should not be any unused tags listed in there and not all tags need to have a description, so not all tags need to be in that file.


The docs directory is the build directory for the HTML content. docs is committed to master and is used as the web root for GitHub pages. Non-HTML files in the docs directory are anything that the HTML pages depend on. Some of these are not generated and are hand written.

The site directory contains the Tera template files, which are used by the CLI to generate the HTML in the docs directory.

The JS code on the main page is a little sloppy. If there are compatibility issues with your browser please open an issue!

The cli directory contains the CLI tool which is used to create new entries on the website and generate the HTML.


Major undertakings remaining:

  • Crate search based on the tags and an optional query
  • Decide how we want to record approaches
  • A reviewer or reviewers for blog posts and approaches written exclusively for our repo
  • tag commands
  • tag normalization
  • markdown sanitization, better sanitization in .raw.html files
  • Pull missing data from github and possibly other sites (bitbucket/gitlab?) if they have nice APIs!
    • The original author has no intention of implementing this but if you want a challenge this could be a fun project!
  • Do we want to support
    • listing Pros/Cons in addition to crate descriptions?
    • Screenshots?
  • Live badges for crate cards

And less major:

  • Move tag descriptions from title attribute into hover tooltip.