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Angular MusicBrainz

Simple music album search web app built with AngularJS. Search queries are executed against an Elasticsearch index. These index has been created from the MusicBrainz database.
Only "real" Album are searchable. Single, EP, Compilation, Live, Remix, Soundtrack and Broadcast are not indexed.


  • Autocomplete with highlighting
  • Paginated search results with album cover thumbs
  • Faceting: distribution of music albums in the result set
  • I18N: both english and french languages are supported
  • Unit tests and end-to-end tests with Karma and Jasmine
  • Cover and Rating Angular directives
  • Elasticsearch-js client usage
  • Responsive Design

Angular Musicbrainz Screenshot

Quick Start

  • git clone
  • Open the app/index.html file into Firefox

Online Demo

MusicBrainz database searching with AngularJS and Elasticsearch:

Powered by

This project depends on several other open source projects:


Angular is a client-side-only technology and the only required backend is an Elasticsearch server.
Thus the angular-musicbainz application run in a local browser.
With Mozilla Firefox, the app/index.html could be load from the filesystem.
Whereas with Google Chrome, you need a local web server (like Apache, Nginx, IIS) to avoid issues with security restrictions (sandbox). You may also used the provided scripts/web-server.jsto start a web server whith NodeJS.

1. NodeJS and third libraries

Node.js provides a JavaScript web server that could be used to play with angular-musicbainz.
Unit tests and e2e tests execution requires NodeJS and Karma. Grunt requires Karma.

NodeJS libraries to install:

  • Karma in order to run the unit tests and the e2e tests: sudo npm install -g karma
  • Bower to update dependencies
  • Grunt to build the distributed files

2. Elasticsearch

A pre-configured public Elasticsearch cluster is available on OpenShift.

You may use it or choose to install your own cluster.
Download Elasticsearch v0.90.10 and configure it.
One unziped, edit the config/elaticsearch.yml configuration file. Uncomment the line and set it with the musicbrainz cluster name: musicbrainz
You may also prefer to keep the default elasticsearch cluster name and change the name in the configuration file.

Edit the app/js/services.js file
At line 11, change hosts: [ '' ] configuration to hosts: [ 'localhost:9200' ]

Running the application

  • Clone the angular-musicbrainz repository.
  • Run scripts/web-server.js with NodeJS or deploy the app directory into a local web server.
  • Then navigate your browser to http://localhost:<port>/app/index.html to see the app running in your browser.

Running unit tests

Jasmine and Karma have been used for unit tests/specs.

  • start scripts/ (on windows: scripts\test.bat)
    • a browser will start and connect to the Karma server (Chrome is default browser, others can be captured by loading the same url as the one in Chrome or by changing the config/karma.conf.js file)
  • to run or re-run tests just change any of your source or test javascript files

End to end testing

Angular ships with a baked-in end-to-end test runner that understands angular, your app and allows you to write your tests with jasmine-like BDD syntax.

Requires a webserver, node.js + ./scripts/web-server.js or your backend server that hosts the angular static files.

Check out the end-to-end runner's documentation for more info.

  • create your end-to-end tests in test/e2e/scenarios.js
  • serve your project directory with your http/backend server or node.js + scripts/web-server.js
  • to run do one of:
    • open http://localhost:port/test/e2e/runner.html in your browser
    • run the tests from console with Karma via scripts/ or script/e2e-test.bat

Build Status

Travis: Build Status

Code Converage: Coverage Status

Dependencies: Dependency Status devDependency Status

Code Climate: Code Climate


Directory Layout

app/                --> all of the files to be used in development
  css/              --> css files
    app.css         --> default stylesheet
  i18n/             --> json files for french and english languages
  img/              --> image files
  index.html        --> app layout file (the main html template file of the app)
  js/               --> javascript files
    app.js          --> application
    controllers.js  --> application controllers
    directives.js   --> application directives
    filters.js      --> custom angular filters
    routes.js       --> application routes
    services.js     --> custom angular services
  lib/                  --> angular and 3rd party javascript libraries declared in bower.json
    angular-mocks/      --> mocks that replace certain angular services in tests
    angular-scenario/   --> angular's scenario (end-to-end) test runner library
  partials/             --> angular view partials (partial html templates)
      cover.html        --> angular templates behind directives

config/karma.conf.js        --> config file for running unit tests with Karma
config/karma-e2e.conf.js    --> config file for running e2e tests with Karma

dist                --> files created by `grunt build` to be used in production

node_modules        --> files installed by nodejs in order to run grunt and karma

scripts/            --> handy shell/js/ruby scripts       --> runs end-to-end tests with Karma (*nix)
  e2e-test.bat      --> runs end-to-end tests with Karma (windows)
  test.bat          --> autotests unit tests with Karma (windows)           --> autotests unit tests with Karma (*nix)
  web-server.js     --> simple development webserver based on node.js

test/               --> test source files
  e2e/              --> end-to-end tests level
    runner.html     --> end-to-end test runner (open in your browser to run)
    scenarios.js    --> end-to-end specs
  unit/                     --> unit level specs/tests
    controllersSpec.js      --> specs for controllers
    directivessSpec.js      --> specs for directives
    filtersSpec.js          --> specs for filters
    servicesSpec.js         --> specs for services

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A simple music album search web app built with AngularJS







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