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Docker container for the MusicBrainz database

Docker Hub

Based on the official Postgres image, this docker image installs a PostgreSQL 9.5.10 wilh all librairies required by the MusicBrainz database.

This image comes with a shell script used to create and feed the database:

  • Create the musicbrainz schema
  • Create all tables
  • Import the last MusicBrainz database export
  • Add index and primary keys

SQL scripts are retrieved from the MusicBrainz Github repo.

Build the image

The arey/musicbrainz-database image is published to Docker Hub. Docker will automatically download it. If you prefer to build it manually after retrieving source code from GitHub:

git clone
cd musicbrainz-database
docker build -t arey/musicbrainz-database .

Run the container and import the musicbrainz data

docker run -t -d -p 5432:5432 --name musicbrainz-database -e POSTGRES_USER=musicbrainz -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=musicbrainz arey/musicbrainz-database

If you have host-based storage available for the Postgres DB files (recommended), adjust the above base command with a this parameter: -v /path/to/storage/location:/var/lib/postgresql

docker run -it --link musicbrainz-database:postgresql -e POSTGRES_USER=musicbrainz -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=musicbrainz --rm arey/musicbrainz-database /

Test it

In order to test your database installation, execute the below SQL query:

docker run -it --link musicbrainz-database:postgresql --rm arey/musicbrainz-database sh -c 'exec psql -h postgresql -d musicbrainz -U musicbrainz -a -c "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM artist"'

Enter the 'musicbrainz' password. A minimum number of 995899 artists should be counted.

Connect to the database

From Java application, use the following JDBC URL: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/musicbrainz and the credentials: musicbrainz / musicbrainz

Note: For Microsoft Windows or MacOS users, please replace localhost with the boot2docker IP.


Docker container for the MusicBrainz PostgreSQL database




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