Spring Data JDBC version of the Spring Boot Petclinic
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Spring PetClinic Sample Application built with Spring Data JDBC

This is a branch of the official Spring PetClinic application with domain & persistence layer built with Spring Data JDBC instead of Spring Data JPA.

Check original project readme for introduction the project, how to run, and how to contribute.

Understanding the Spring Petclinic application with a few diagrams

See the presentation here

Interesting Spring Petclinic forks

The Spring Petclinic master branch in the main spring-projects GitHub org is the "canonical" implementation, currently based on Spring Boot and Thymeleaf.

This spring-petclinic-data-jdbc project is one of the several forks hosted in a special GitHub org: spring-petclinic. If you have a special interest in a different technology stack that could be used to implement the Pet Clinic then please join the community there.