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BlazeDVD 5 Professional Rename to BlazeDVD 5 Professional/ Jan 8, 2020
DVDx Player Rename to DVDx Player/ Jan 8, 2020
Easy CD DVD Rename to Easy CD DVD/ Jan 8, 2020
Easy Chat Server 3.1 Rename to Easy Chat Server 3.1/ Jan 8, 2020
Easy File Management Web Server 5.3 Rename post-request.txt to Easy File Management Web Server 5.3/post-r… Jan 8, 2020
Easy File Sharing FTP Server 3.5 Rename fuzz.spk to Easy File Sharing FTP Server 3.5/fuzz.spk Jan 8, 2020
Easy File Sharing Web Server 7.2 Rename to Easy File Sharing Web Server 7.2/ Jan 8, 2020
Easy RM to MP3 Converter Rename to Easy RM to MP3 Converter Jan 8, 2020
Eureka Rename to Eureka/ Jan 8, 2020
FreeFTP 1.0.8 Rename to FreeFTP 1.0.8/ Jan 8, 2020
FreeFloat Delete Jan 8, 2020
KarjaSoft Sami FTP Server 2.0.1 Rename to KarjaSoft Sami FTP Server 2.0.1/ Jan 8, 2020
KnFTP Server 1.0.0 Rename to KnFTP Server 1.0.0/ Jan 8, 2020
Kolibri v2.0 HTTP Server Rename fuzz to Kolibri v2.0 HTTP Server/fuzz Jan 8, 2020
Millenium MP3 Studio Rename to Millenium MP3 Studio/ Jan 8, 2020
Minialic HTTP Rename to Minialic HTTP/ Jan 8, 2020
Minishare Rename fuzz to Minishare/fuzz Jan 8, 2020
ProSysInfo TFTP Server TFTPDWIN 0.4.2 Rename to ProSysInfo TFTP Server TFTPDWIN 0.4.2/ Jan 8, 2020
QuickZip 4.60 Rename explanation to QuickZip 4.60/explanation Jan 8, 2020
R v3.4.4 Rename to R v3.4.4/ Jan 8, 2020
Ricoh DC Software DL-10 FTP Server Rename to Ricoh DC Software DL-10 FTP Server/ Jan 8, 2020
SolarFTP Rename to SolarFTP/ Jan 8, 2020
Soritong MP3 Player 1.0 Rename to Soritong MP3 Player 1.0/ Jan 8, 2020
Vulnserver Create others Jan 8, 2020
Xitami Webserver 2.5 Rename fuzz to Xitami Webserver 2.5/fuzz Jan 8, 2020 Update Jan 8, 2020


Hi guys,

These are some exploits I write during my OSCE preparation. Hope it will be helpful for people preparing for the OSCE exam & people new to exploit development.

As always:

May the Force be with you!

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