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Moltres is a MOOSE-application code designed for simulation of molten salt reactors.


Moltres documentation can be found at Doxygen pages are here. Outlines of the kernels and boundary conditions used to construct the Moltres governing equations can be found on the Moltres wiki. Breakdown of a full-fledged Moltres input file can be found here. New Moltres users who have never used MOOSE before are encouraged to check-out its wiki, tutorials, and examples to help understand the underlying Moltres components.


Moltres relies on the MOOSE framework. To install MOOSE please follow the instructions at After installing MOOSE, you can install Moltres by running the following commands in a shell after changing into the directory holding your MOOSE directory (perhaps ~/projects):

git clone
cd moltres
git submodule init
git submodule update
make -j8

You may also compile a debug version of Moltres by running METHOD=dbg make -j8. Note that you should replace 8 with the number of processors available on your machine.


To ensure that Moltres is functioning properly, run ./run_tests -j8 from the root of the Moltres directory.


If you ever want to contribute changes to the Moltres repository, make sure you run scripts/ before making any commits. This will ensure that any commits you make adhere to the MOOSE/Moltres C++ style. Pull requests should be submitted to the devel branch of the arfc/moltres repository. Each pull request is automatically tested for style and for whether it breaks any of the core Moltres physics capabilities.


Please post to our discussion list at