My implementation of a Meego Unified Media Service
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-- Read First! --
This WAS the UMMS present in MeeGo 1.2. The now preferred solution 
is to use the Intel UMMS : The API
used in this player is not completely dissimilar. The later MeeGo 1.2 TV builds
still ships this player for backwards compatibility but is not used by the UI.
The Intel UMMS is written in C/GObject and is much harder to quickly develop and

-- Intro --
This is a Meego unified multimedia service player. Uplayer. This player is made
to work with the Intel CE devices on MeeGo and gst-fluendo-ismd GStreamer
plugins. This player however does not require gst-fluendo-ismd and will work
with autovideosink and software decoders if these are available.

-- GDL/ISMD --
Note that some API options such as 'set_gdl_plane' will only work if using
gst-fluendo-ismd plugins on an Intel CE platform. The player has only been tested
on CE41xx hardware (sodaville).

-- TS mode --
A new mode is present which can be activated before using set_uri - set_ts_mode.
This mode will require a few things to be installed on the device, namely
mpegtsparse from gst-plugins-bad and flutimeshift (There are builds for meego on in the home:brendan project). If either elements is missing
playback will fail in TS mode with little warning. is not shipped in the gst-plugins-bad in meego for some reason
so I extracted it from the codec pkgs I made for meego. Be warned i have no idea
why it was removed by Intel but I guess a legal reason. Use at your own risk :

-- Logging --
Note by default this is meant to be run as a daemon and will log to /tmp/uplayer
by default

-- Some Cheating --
dbus-send --system --type=method_call /uk/co/madeo/uplayer

-- Thanks --
Fluendo - for the great code examples: