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from google.appengine.ext import db
from models import base
class Message(base.CommonModel):
To = db.StringProperty()
From = db.StringProperty()
Body = db.StringProperty()
DateCreated = db.StringProperty()
DateUpdated = db.StringProperty()
DateSent = db.StringProperty()
AccountSid = db.StringProperty()
__Sid = db.StringProperty()
Status = db.StringProperty()
Direction = db.StringProperty()
Price = db.StringProperty()
def __init__(To,From,Body,AccountSid,Direction,Status):
self.To = To
self.From = From
self.Body = Body
self.AccountSid = AccountSid
self.Direction = Direction
self.Status = Status
self.Price = Price
self.__Sid = self.__compute_sid()
def __compute_sid():
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