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from google.appengine.ext import db
from models import base
from random import random
from hashlib import sha256
from helpers import parameters, phone_number_helper as pn_helper
from google.appengine.api.labs import taskqueue
import datetime
class Message(base.CommonModel):
To = db.StringProperty()
From = db.StringProperty()
Body = db.StringProperty()
DateSent = db.DateTimeProperty()
AccountSid = db.StringProperty()
Status = db.StringProperty()
Direction = db.StringProperty()
Price = db.FloatProperty()
StatusCallback = db.StringProperty()
def new_Sid(self):
return 'SM'+sha256(str(random())).hexdigest()
def queueCallback(self):
taskqueue.Queue('StatusCallbacks').add(taskqueue.Task(url='/Callbacks/SMS', params = {'SmsSid':self.Sid}))
return True
except Exception, e:
logging.error('Unable to queue the callback task')
return False
def send(self):
self.Status = 'sent'
self.Price = 0.03
self.DateSent =
def error(self):
self.Status = 'failed'
self.Price = 0.00
def validate(self, request, arg_name,arg_value, **kwargs):
validators = {
'To' : pn_helper.valid_to_phone_number(parameters.arg_or_request(arg_value, request, arg_name),required=True, SMS = True),
'From' : pn_helper.valid_from_phone_number(parameters.arg_or_request(arg_value, request, arg_name),required=True, Direction = kwargs['Direction'] if 'Direction' in kwargs else None, SMS = True),
'Body' : parameters.valid_body(parameters.arg_or_request(arg_value, request, arg_name), required=True),
'StatusCallback' : parameters.standard_urls(parameters.arg_or_request(arg_value, request, arg_name))
if arg_name in validators:
return validators[arg_name]
return True, 0, ''
def sanitize(self, request, arg_name, arg_value):
sanitizers = {
'To' : arg_value if arg_value is not None else request.get('To',None),
'From' : arg_value if arg_value is not None else request.get('From',None),
'Body' : arg_value if arg_value is not None else request.get('Body',None),
'StatusCallback' : arg_value if arg_value is not None else request.get('StatusCallback',None)
if arg_name in sanitizers:
return sanitizers[arg_name]
return arg_value
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