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from google.appengine.ext import db
from models import base
from hashlib import sha256
from helpers import parameters
from random import random
import string
class Participant(base.CommonModel):
CallSid A 34 character string that uniquely identifies the call that is connected to this conference
ConferenceSid A 34 character string that identifies the conference this participant is in
DateCreated The date that this resource was created, given in RFC 2822 format.
DateUpdated The date that this resource was last updated, given in RFC 2822 format.
AccountSid The unique id of the Account that created this conference
Muted true if this participant is currently muted. false otherwise.
StartConferenceOnEnter Was the startConferenceOnEnter attribute set on this participant (true or false)?
EndConferenceOnExit Was the endConferenceOnExit attribute set on this participant (true or false)?
Uri The URI for this resource, relative to
CallSid = db.StringProperty()
ConferenceSid = db.StringProperty()
AccountSid = db.StringProperty()
Muted = db.BooleanProperty(default = False)
StartConferenceOnEnter = db.BooleanProperty(default = False)
EndConferenceOnExit = db.BooleanProperty(default = False)
def new_Sid(self):
#Useless, but it might come in handy some day
return 'PA'+sha256(str(random())).hexdigest()
def sanitize(self, request, arg_name, arg_value):
sanitizers = {
if arg_name in sanitizers:
return sanitizers[arg_name]
return arg_value
def validate(self, request, arg_name,arg_value, **kwargs):
validators = {
'Muted' : parameters.allow_boolean(arg_value if arg_value is not None else request.get( arg_name, None) )
if arg_name in validators:
return validators[arg_name]
return True, 0, ''
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