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from google.appengine.ext import db
from models import base
from hashlib import sha256
from random import random
import string
Sid A 34 character string that uniquely identifies this resource.
DateCreated The date that this resource was created, given in RFC 2822 format.
DateUpdated The date that this resource was last updated, given in RFC 2822 format.
AccountSid The unique id of the Account responsible for this transcription.
Status A string representing the status of the transcription: in-progress, completed or failed.
RecordingSid The unique id of the Recording this Transcription was made of.
Duration The duration of the transcribed audio, in seconds.
TranscriptionText The text content of the transcription.
Price The charge for this transcript in USD. Populated after the transcript is completed. Note, this value may not be immediately available.
class Transcription(base.CommonModel):
AccountSid = db.StringProperty()
Status = db.StringProperty()
RecordingSid = db.StringProperty()
Duration = db.IntegerProperty()
TranscriptionText = db.TextProperty()
Price = db.FloatProperty()
def new_Sid(self):
return 'TR'+sha256(str(random())).hexdigest()
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