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Fake Twilio API

  1. Whats this about?

This is an attempt to replicate the Twilio API in order to create a

  1. What has been done?

  • A basic outline of how the API works
  • SMS/Messages - Posting/Listing/Retrieving via the API
  • Authentication
  1. What still needs to be done?

  • Finish rounding out all models (including helpers for each model)
    • Recordings
    • Transcriptions
    • Notifications
    • Phone Numbers
    • Calls
    • Messages
    • Accounts
  • Making a Call via a Post request
  • Incoming Calls
  • Incoming Messages
  • Forcing errors for testing purposes
  • TwiML processing
  • Validating all API calls like Twilio
  • Returning proper errors
  • Internationalization of phone calls
  1. Who am I?

Just someone who enjoys working with the Twilio API and wanted a cheaper way to develop on it and one that didn't accidentally call people at 1am like I once did.