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A responsive Jekyll theme with clean typography and support for large full page images.
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Minimal Jekyll Theme

Minimal Jekyll Theme is a two column, responsive Jekyll theme with large featured images and solid typography. It is derived from the wonderful work of Michael Rose. I loved his Minimal Mistakes theme, and have tried to tune it to my needs.

Few of the additions include:

  • Support for multiple author attribution in a blog. This includes both different authors for various posts, as well as multiple authors per post.
  • Switched to using the gorgeous textures of Virginie Moerenhout

screenshot of Minimal Jekyll Theme

Minimal Jeykll Theme is all about:

  • Responsive templates. Looking good on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Gracefully degrading in older browsers. Compatible with Internet Explorer 8+ and all modern browsers.
  • Minimal embellishments --- content first.
  • Large feature images for posts and pages.
  • Author sidebar to pimp your bio, photo[^1], and social media links.
  • Simple and clear permalink structure (ie:

Basic Setup for a new Jekyll site

  1. Install Bundler gem install bundler and then install Jekyll and all dependencies bundle install.
  2. Fork the Minimal Mistakes repo.
  3. Clone the repo you just forked and rename it.
  4. Edit _config.yml to personalize your site.
  5. Check out the sample posts in _posts to see examples for pulling in large feature images, assigning categories and tags, and other YAML data.


I'm personally a fan of more liberal licenses, but this theme is a derivate of Michael's work, which was distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

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