New website under different back-end.
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New website under different back-end.


This website will be hosted on the domain under Scaleway with a Debian system running nginx.

The overall infrastructure is still under consideration however currently I’m looking at running this website with:

  • Python back-end with Flask.

  • Custom comments and microblogging storage system.

  • Switching frameworks from angular.js v1.- to vue.js and angular material to vue-material. This will help me create a cleaner and more maintainable structure to my code and also for longer-term reasons, since angular v1.- will become deprecated at some point and I don't want to use angular v2 due to poor documentation, poor ECMAScript 5 support, Typescript and confusing structure.

  • Pure vanilla javascript!

  • No longer using wintersmith because the website is no longer statically generated and running my own scripts to take care of markdown, templating etc.

  • Deploying a WSGI-based server such as Gunicorn alongside nginx on a Debian server.

Running in development mode

To start a debug flask server, use the nexus script like so:

./nexus -d run

What's going to happen to

The original source code for that website will still be here for archival purposes but will redirect to All the old blog posts will be available on the new website however they'll all be under one post or in the archives as most of the content there only applies to that version of the website which might make things confusing.