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Towise assists you to detect human faces and bodies with using the latest and reliable technology.

Getting Started


php 5.3+
composer 1.8+


To install the package

composer require towise/towise

To import your project

include_once "vendor/autoload.php";
use Towise\Towise;

Using Towise

You must enter appKey and appId

For Example:

include_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
use Towise\Towise;

$image = "";
$towise = new Towise("type your appid", "type your appkey");

//for detection the face  on image
echo $towise->faceDetect($image); // you can also type $image_base64

//for detection the body on image
echo $towise->bodyDetect($image); // you can also type $image_base64

//for detection the emotion of person on image
echo $towise->emotionDetect($image); // you can also type $image_base64

// compare the photo with the users registered in the system and recognize the face
echo $towise->faceComparing($image); // you can also type $image_base64

// returns all persons in system
echo $towise->getAllPerson();

//returns person by id
echo $towise->getPerson("person id");

//add new person to system
echo $towise->addPerson("person name");

//remove the person from system
echo $towise->removePerson("person id");

//returns all faces of persons by person id
echo $towise->getAllFace("person id");

//return face of person by face id
echo $towise->getFace("face id");

//add new image to person by person id. Saves the photo to the system, if you pass 3. argument as yes
echo $towise->addFace($image,"person id","yes/no");// you can also type $image_base64. At the same time you should yes or no as 3. arguments

//remove face of person by face id
echo $towise->removeFace("face id");


For the versions available, see the



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details

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