FX scraping using python.
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Scraping FX exchange rates from the Reuters website


We need the Scrapy library along with PyMongo for storing the data in MongoDB.

To install Scrapy with pip (with your virtualenv activated) type:

  • $ pip install Scrapy

To install PyMongo with pip type:

  • $ pip install pymongo

Scrapy project

To start a new Scrapy project, you must type in command line

  • $ scrapy startproject name_of_project

Running the project

To get up running the project you must run the command within the “stack” directory:

  • $scrapy crawl stack

To store the extracted data in json format we type :

  • $scrapy crawl stack -o items.json -t json

To get the data for every 60 seconds we type the following command on terminal:

  • watch -n 60 scrapy crawl stack

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