Creating graphs from NYPD's Stop, Question and Frisk data
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  • 2016/09/22:
  • This is a work in progress.
  • Current functionality is only for the year 2015.
  • D3.js generates all graphs as SVGs on the server side so you can right-click and 'Save As' in the browser.
  • To-dos include:
    • More efficient label importing (currently importing them from both an in-repo .csv and the db)
    • Label popups on hover for easier reading
    • Better organization of data
    • Filter by text matching (for fields without set values)
    • Show other years, graphing across years

How to run locally

  • Make sure you have MySQL installed
  • Create a MySQL database (config template uses localhost and a db named 'stopfrisk')
  • Get 2015 csv zip archive from NYPD Stop, Question and Frisk Report Database and unzip it
  • Import 2015_sqf_csv.csv into db as table named '2015stopfrisk'
  • Import /svc/labels/2015labels_value.csv into db as table named '2015labels_value'
  • Add a .env file with config vars to the main directory
    • (see .env.template, use your own database and credentials)
  • Set IS_PRODUCTION to false: export IS_PRODUCTION=false
    • (if true, the app will look for config vars in the real shell instead of the .env file)
  • Make sure you've got Node.js installed (I'm using v5.11.0)
  • In terminal, go to the root level of this directory (cd ~/[path to repo]/nypd-stopfrisk)
  • npm install
  • npm start (if you didn't permanently export IS_PRODUCTION, set it now: IS_PRODUCTION=false npm start)
  • grunt in another window to watch for changes
  • If running locally, visit localhost:8080 in your browser