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Welcome to the Argonaut CDS Hooks Wiki

CDS Hooks Lead: Kevin Shekleton

Argonaut Lead: Micky Tripathi

Project Coordinator: Jennifer Monahan

FHIR SME and Facilitator: Eric Haas

FHIR SME and Facilitator: Brett Marquard


See this presentation by Kevin Shekleton

For current documentation on CDS Hooks see the project web-site

Scope of Work

Leveraging the experience of the CDS Hooks community to accelerate the maturation of CDS Hooks for the industry, we will develop use cases, providing specific guidance and publish an implementation guide for deploying CDS Hooks.


Phase 1: April --> June

  • Draft Argonaut CDS Hooks Guidance outlining how systems use the patient-view hook to launch a SMART app
  • SMART launch guide

Phase 2: July --> September

  • Security and authorization model drafted and implemented
  • Threat assessment
  • Solid Argonaut CDS Hooks IG

October – Argonaut CDS Hooks IG Finalized

Phase 3: November and beyond

  • Advanced Features: American College of Radiology Ordering, Opioid guidelines, etc.

Meetings Notes

Meeting agenda and notes are archived here


Issues on the Argonaut CDS hooks efforts will be listed and tracked on this Github repository site here.

Broader issues on the CDS hooks initiative may be logged here

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