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Welcome to the Argonaut Project Implementation & Testing Wiki!

The Argonaut Project is open to all. The testing and implementation program makes available testing resources, a reference implementation, a testing community, and access to subject matter experts to facilitate accelerated development and adoption.

Please use the "Servers" and "Clients" tabs on the sprint tracking google document spreadsheet to register your participation and to learn who else is taking part. Feel free to edit this spreadsheet directly, and to leave comments on particular sells (via Insert -> Comment, or Ctrl-Shift-M) to share questions, concerns, or ideas!

For discussion and collaboration on either Argonaut-focused implementation activities or Argonaut-focused FHIR development please use the Argonaut Project Google Group

| Testing Sprint | Dates | | ---------------- | --------------------------------------- | --------------------------------------- |------------------------------------- | |

Patient, Allergies, Problems & Health Concerns| 5/25-6/14 | | Vital signs, Labs, Smoking Status, Care Team| 6/14-7/5 | | Medications, Immunizations, Goals, UDI| 7/5-8/2 | |
Server Re-Sprint 4:
Procedures, Plan of treatment| 8/2-8/30 | | |
Server Re-Sprint 5:
Assessment|8/30-9/27 |
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