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A collection of components, entities and systems to integrate A-Frame with argon.js, so augmented reality content for the Argon web browser can be created with A-Frame.

A note about using https for development

More and more, modern web browsers demand that you use https:// instead of http://. You cannot, for example, use the web location APIs, or access video via WebRTC, over http connections on many browsers. If you want to do development using https and node.js use the devssl target (used by doing npm run devssl).


To see documentation of the collection of Entities and Components that link Argon and AFrame, see the API Documentation.


To use the latest stable build of Argon-AFrame, include argon-aframe.min.js:

  <script src=""></script>

To check out the stable and master builds, see the dist/ folder.

Local Development

git clone  # Clone the repository.
cd argon-aframe && npm install  # Install dependencies.
npm run devsite # update build.js and genereate a local development site in _sites
npm run dev  # Start the local development server.

And open in your browser http://localhost:8001.

When you change the HTML files, you need to regenerate _site with npm run devsite.

Generating Builds

npm run dist


For questions and support, ask on one of our support channels.

Stay in Touch


Get involved! Check out the Contributing Guide for how to get started.


This program is free software and is distributed under an Apache License.

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