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The Argon4 AR Web Browser

This is the source code for the Argon4 web browser, an open-standards augmented reality platform for iOS and Android. It is available in iTunes for iOS and Google Play for Android

This software was created as part of a research project at the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech. To support our research, we request that if you make use of this software, you let us know how you used it by sending mail to Blair MacIntyre (

If you would like to help improve Argon4 and argon.js, you can see our current and future Roadmap.


To use Argon4, you create web pages using argon.js and host them on your website. Some specific links to get started include

Build Instructions

  1. Clone this repo to your computer, e.g. to an argon-app directory

  2. Install nativescript tools via instructions at (Mac, supports iOS and Android) or (Windows, supports Android only)

    Note that node.js is required, and Cocoapods is required for iOS development.

  3. Execute tns install in the argon-app directory


  1. Execute tns run ios, or execute tns prepare ios and open argonapp.xcworkspace (located at /argon-app/platforms/ios) in XCode

  2. Debug with javascript inspector using tns debug ios


  1. Execute tns run android

  2. Debug with javascript inspector using tns debug android

Setting up Vuforia

You'll need to build argon-app with your own Vuforia license key to enable the video background and target tracking.

  1. Get a Vuforia license key here:

  2. Open argon-app/app/config.ts and set DEBUG_VUFORIA_LICENSE_KEY to your key string


You will not be able to decrypt Argon4 Vuforia license key files created with our Vuforia PGP Encryptor, since we do not include the PGP key necessary for decrypting those files here. When you build with your own Vuforia key, it is always used, and encypted PGP keys are ignored.