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Introducing Argon! The new way to moderate your server.


Argon has Amazing features! But don't just take my word for it, read on! With Argon, every single action gets recorded. So if a user got banned from the server, you know who did it and when it happened. Don't want server invites, links, swear words or spam posted in your server? We got you covered. Do you want to mute users after they hit 4 warnings? Never Fear, Argon is here. How about figuring out who invited your users? Don't frtm

Some Of Argon's AMAZING Modules that can be fully configured to your liking.

AutoMod - Automatically prevent's things like swear words, links, invites and spam from being posted in server.

Moderation - Issue adminstrative actions against users within seconds.

ModLog - Records every action ever taken against a user.

Verification - Prevents self bots by requiring users to solve simple math problem before entering your server.

Warnings - Warn users when they do something bad and automatically take action when they reach a certain amount of warnings.

Complete List Of Argon's Commands


This is great, how could it possible get better? Well, I have one more amazing thing to show you! Argon is 100% scalable! Because we connect to MongoDB, you can add your bot to lots of servers and nothing will lag out! And the data won't get accidently deleted off your computer.


The Demo Bot Has Been Shutdown Till Further Notice (Sorry)

Getting Started

Oh your ready to get started? Lets GO! Oh your to scared to hit the button? Cmon now, it's only a button..just reach..reeeaach..reeeaaaach. There ya go! Ya did it. Congrats! Oh you didn't do it? Wumpus is going to get mad at you. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.


This AMAZING bot was made by Anish#7768, Brendan#1887, Father.#7448, Teddy#3447 and ThePeacefulPaupasia#0621. Come Say Hi To Us On Discord!


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