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Argo CD Chart

This is a community maintained chart. This chart installs argo-cd, a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes.

The default installation is intended to be similar to the provided ArgoCD releases.

This chart currently installs the non-HA version of ArgoCD.


  • Kubernetes 1.7+

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name my-release:

$ helm repo add argo
$ helm install --name my-release argo/argo-cd

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
applicationController.containerPort int 8082 Container port for application controller server and metrics
applicationController.image.pullPolicy string "Always" Docker image pull policy
applicationController.image.repository string "argoproj/argocd" Docker image repo
applicationController.image.tag string "v1.2.3" Docker image tag
applicationController.servicePort int 8082 Service port for applicaiton controller server
applicationController.volumeMounts list [] Additional volume mounts
applicationController.volumes list [] Additional volumes
certificate.enabled bool false Enable certificate (requires cert-manager)
clusterAdminAccess.enabled bool true Standard Argo CD installation with cluster-admin access. Set this true if you plan to use Argo CD to deploy applications in the same cluster that Argo CD runs in (i.e. kubernetes.svc.default). Will still be able to deploy to external clusters with inputted credentials.
config.configManagementPlugins string nil List of custom config management plugins, see values.yaml for format
config.createSecret bool true Creates the argocd-secret secret, set to false to manage externally
config.dexConfig string nil Configuration for external auth and URL, see values.yaml for format
config.helmRepositories string nil Configuration for external Helm charts, see values.yaml for format
config.oidcConfig string nil Configuration for OpenID connect, see values.yaml for format
config.repositories string nil Configuration for remote Git repositories for Applications, see values.yaml for format
config.resourceCustomizations string nil resourceCustomizations can be used to create custom health checks for resources []
config.url string nil External URL for ArgoCD
config.instanceLabelKey string nil Custom instance label key
config.webhook.bitbucketSecret string nil BitBucket incoming webhook secret
config.webhook.githubSecret string nil GitHub incoming webhook secret
config.webhook.gitlabSecret string nil GitLab incoming webhook secret
dexServer.containerPortGrpc int 5557 Container port for Dex Server GRPC
dexServer.containerPortHttp int 5556 Container port for Dex Server HTTP
dexServer.image.pullPolicy string "Always" Docker image pull policy
dexServer.image.repository string "" Docker image repo
dexServer.image.tag string "v2.12.0" Docker image tag
dexServer.initImage.pullPolicy string "Always" Docker image pull policy
dexServer.initImage.repository string "argoproj/argocd" Docker image repo
dexServer.initImage.tag string "v1.2.0" Docker image tag
dexServer.servicePortGrpc int 5557 Service port for Dex Server GRPC
dexServer.servicePortHttp int 5556 Service port for Dex Server GRPC
dexServer.volumeMounts list [] Additional volume mounts
dexServer.volumes list [] Additional volumes
ingress.additionalHosts list [] Ingress additional hosts
ingress.annotations object {} Annotations for ingress object, set "true" and "true" if serving GRPC and HTTPS on the same ingress
ingress.enabled bool false Enable ingress
ingress.tls object {} Ingress TLS configuration
rbac.policyCsv string nil RBAC policy in CSV, see values.yaml for format
rbac.policyDefault string nil The default role Argo CD will fall back to, when authorizing API requests, ie: role:readonly
rbac.scopes string nil Scopes controls which OIDC scopes to examine during rbac enforcement (in addition to sub scope). ie: [groups]
redis.containerPort int 6379 Container port for Redis
redis.image.pullPolicy string "Always" Docker image pull policy
redis.image.repository string "redis" Docker image repo
redis.image.tag string "5.0.3" Docker image tag
redis.servicePort int 6379 Service port for Redis
repoServer.containerPort int 8081 Container port for repo server
repoServer.image.pullPolicy string "Always" Docker image pull policy
repoServer.image.repository string "argoproj/argocd" Docker image repo
repoServer.image.tag string "v1.2.0" Docker image tag
repoServer.servicePort int 8081 Service port for repo server
repoServer.volumeMounts list [] Additional volume mounts
repoServer.volumes list [] Additional volumes
server.annotations object {} Annotations for the server deployment
server.containerPort int 8080 Container port for server
server.extraArgs list [] Add additional arguments
server.image.pullPolicy string "Always" Docker image pull policy
server.image.repository string "argoproj/argocd" Docker image repo
server.image.tag string "v1.2.0" Docker image tag
server.metricsPort int 8083 Container port for server metrics
server.serviceAnnotations object {} Annotations for server service
server.servicePortHttp int 80 HTTP Container port for server
server.servicePortHttps int 443 HTTPS Container port for server
server.volumeMounts list [] Additional volume mounts, see values.yaml for syntax for SSH known hosts
server.volumes list [] Additional volumes, see values.yaml for syntax for SSH known hosts
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