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ArgoCD Example Apps

This repository contains example applications for demoing ArgoCD functionality. Feel free to register this repository to your ArgoCD instance, or fork this repo and push your own commits to explore ArgoCD and GitOps!

Application Description
guestbook A hello word guestbook app as plain YAML
ksonnet-guestbook The guestbook app as a ksonnet app
helm-guestbook The guestbook app as a Helm chart
jsonnet-guestbook The guestbook app as a raw jsonnet
jsonnet-guestbook-tla The guestbook app as a raw jsonnet with support for top level arguments
kustomize-guestbook The guestbook app as a Kustomize 2 app
pre-post-sync Demonstrates Argo CD PreSync and PostSync hooks
sync-waves Demonstrates Argo CD sync waves with hooks
helm-dependency Demonstrates how to customize an OTS (off-the-shelf) helm chart from an upstream repo
sock-shop A microservices demo app (
plugins Apps which demonstrate config management plugins usage
blue-green Demonstrates how to implement blue-green deployment using Argo Rollouts
apps An app composed of other apps