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Futuristic Data Management System
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Entu - Futuristic Data Management System


  • It stores data in Entities (objects) and Entities have (text, numeric, date, file, …) properties
  • Entities are fully customizable
    • what properties to show as name, description, etc
    • what properties to show in relation table
    • what properties to use for search and sort
    • allowed child Entities
    • what kind of custom actions it supports
    • ...
  • Properties are fully customizable
    • label
    • description
    • data type ('boolean','decimal','date','datetime','file','integer','reference','string','text','secret')
    • multiplicity
    • visibility in public search
    • ...
  • In addition to stored properties, there are calculated properties to calculate/show Entity's (or related Entity's) properties
  • Property can store one or multiple values
  • Entities can be related with each other by system relations (child, seeder, leecher) or by custom ones
  • User authentication is delegated to Google, Facebook, Twitter, MS Live or other providers
  • Users have explicit rights (viewer, editor, owner) for every Entity - there are no roles
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