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Linus Tolke edited this page Aug 22, 2022 · 10 revisions

About the project

Started in January 1998 on using CVS. Converted to Subversion in 2006. Converted to git and moved to Github in 2019.

Project leader since 2001 is Linus Tolke.

There hasn't really been any development since 2014.



Short summary on how to contribute to the project using github and gerrithub:

  • Push changes towards master to gerrithub.
  • One commit per fix. Code clean-up in separate commits (gerrithub will make each commit into a change).
  • There is a prepared configuration file for repo or git-repo, see the instructions on Working in the project.
  • Join the discussions in the dev Team.
  • Work with Issues for the appropriate repository on Github, create new issues for things you want fixed, implement fixes for issues you find interesting.