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slides, code examples, planning for hands-on-haskell meetups
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We have a pretty good Haskell meetup going in Austin, Texas. I've written about it after several people asked me how we do it.

However, having read that, it may seem like it's a lot of work. It is. I do quite a lot of work preparing each session, particularly since I do not ask or require that participants have a copy of my book that we can follow (some meetups do exist that are specifically reading/study groups for that book, which is cool).

Since we haven't set our meetups up to be reading/study groups, though, I end up planning a lot of the lessons from week to week, trying out new things that work better in a live teaching setting, expanding my own knowledge of Haskell and ability to explain it, in the process.

I would love to encourage people to start more hands-on Haskell meetups and workshops, for all levels but especially for relative newcomers to the language. So, to that end, I'm going to start this project which will be slides, code examples, notes, from our meetups (perhaps sometime to be accompanied by videos) that anyone can use to start their own (so, somewhat less work for you).

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