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import org.argus.amandroid.alir.componentSummary.ApkYard
import org.argus.amandroid.core.decompile.{DecompileLayout, DecompileStrategy, DecompilerSettings}
import org.argus.jawa.core.DefaultReporter
import org.argus.jawa.core.util.FileUtil
* Created by fgwei on 2/22/17.
class LoadApk {
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
if(args.length != 2) {
println("usage: apk_path output_path")
val fileUri = FileUtil.toUri(args(0))
val outputUri = FileUtil.toUri(args(1))
val reporter = new DefaultReporter
// Yard is the apks manager
val yard = new ApkYard(reporter)
val layout = DecompileLayout(outputUri)
val strategy = DecompileStrategy(layout)
val settings = DecompilerSettings(debugMode = false, forceDelete = true, strategy, reporter)
// apk is the apk meta data manager, class loader and class manager
val apk = yard.loadApk(fileUri, settings, collectInfo = false, resolveCallBack = false)
val appName = apk.model.getAppName
val certificate = apk.model.getCertificates
val uses_permissions = apk.model.getUsesPermissions
val component_infos = apk.model.getComponentInfos // ComponentInfo(compType: [class type], typ: [ACTIVITY, SERVICE, RECEIVER, PROVIDER], exported: Boolean, enabled: Boolean, permission: ISet[String])
val intent_filter = apk.model.getIntentFilterDB // IntentFilterDB contains intent filter information for each component.
val environment_map = apk.model.getEnvMap // environment method map