Erlang support for syslog using a NIF
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== Example Syslog NIF

compile with:

rebar compile

run with:

erl -pa ebin



syslog:log(1,"hello logging world").

== Notes

1. Uses a gen_server and casts, so response to syslog:log/1 or log/2 is always 'ok'.
   - If the NIF isn't loaded, you won't notice logging failures.
2. Because only one process is handling all logging events, could bottleneck.
   - This is just a demo, if you're really worried about performance, 
     you don't really need to use a gen_server, and you surely have an existing
     logging infrastructure from which you could just call the syslog module directly.
3. We don't fully implement the syslog(3) functionality - there's no support for
   opening or closing the log, just relying on the fact that the log will implicitly
   open on first call.