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πŸ’² Micro-library of shorthands for DOM selection, events, and attribute manipulation
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like bling.js, but more bling

Syntax Demos
// import the bling or the blingbling
import $ from 'blingblingjs'                // es6 module support
const $ = require('blingblingjs')           // commonjs support

// essentials
$()                                         // select nodes in document
$().on                                      // add event listeners to nodes
$().off                                     // remove event listeners from nodes
$().attr                                    // CRUD attributes on nodes

// query the DOM in a modern, shorthand way
const [first_btn]  = $('button[primary]')   // destructure shortcut for 1st/only match
const btns         = $('button')            // blingbling always returns an array
const btn_spans    = $('span', btns)        // provide a query context by passing a 2nd param of node/nodes

// use native array methods on the nodes: forEach, map, reduce, filter
btns.forEach(btn, console.log)

// add events easier

// watch multiple events
$('h1').on('click mouseover', ({target}) => console.log(target))

// remove events easier
const log_event = e => console.warn(e)
main_btn.on('contextmenu', log_event)'contextmenu', log_event)

// cover nodes in bling
const [sugared_single]  = $(document.querySelector('button'))
const sugared_buttons   = $(document.querySelectorAll('button'))

// set attributes
const [rad_btn] = $('button.rad')
rad_btn.attr('rad', true)

  test: 'foo',
  hi:   'bye',

// get attributes
rad_btn.attr('rad')        // true
rad_btn.attr('hi')         // "bye" => ({
  tests:  btn.attr('tests'),
  hi:     btn.attr('hi'),

// remove attributes
rad_btn.attr('hi', null)   // "bye"
rad_btn.attr('hi')         // attribute not found
  test:   null,
  hi:     null,
What for?

Developer ergonomics! If you agree with any of the following, you may appreciate this micro library:

  • Love vanilla js, want to keep your code close to it
  • Chaining is fun, Arrays are fun, essentially a functional programming fan
  • Hate typing document.querySelector over.. and over..
  • Hate typing addEventLIstener over.. and over..
  • Really wish document.querySelectorAll had array methods on it..
  • Confused that there is no node.setAttributes({...}) or even better nodeList.setAttributes({...})
  • Liked jQuery selector syntax
Why BlingBling?
  • Minimal at 0.6kb (636 bytes)
  • BlingBling supports ES6 module importing and common module loading
  • Supports chaining
  • Worth it's weight (should save more characters than it loads)
  • Only enhances the nodes you query with it
  • ES6 version of popular bling.js by Paul Irish
  • Tested

Getting Started


To use BlingBlingJS in your project, run:

$ npm i blingblingjs
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