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Figure out an elegant way to speify views #13

robertkeizer opened this Issue Aug 12, 2013 · 4 comments

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ArgyleMachine member

As of #12 a basic view per class will be done.

There should be an elegant way to define views, such that not every combination of every attribute is its own view.

@robertkeizer robertkeizer was assigned Aug 12, 2013
ArgyleMachine member

May have to resort to a default of massive view ( bottom of the page ).

ArgyleMachine member

Other alternative is more complex, but would be more efficient at higher document count:

Multiple views, one for each attribute, with the key being [ name_of_class, name_of_attribute, value_of_attribute ]. And the value being the document ID.

ArgyleMachine member

Using the following so far.

function(doc) {
  if( doc["+name"] && doc["+name"] == 'Person' ){
    for( var attr in doc ){
      if( attr != "+name" && attr.charAt( 0 ) != "_" ){
        emit( [ attr, doc[attr] ], null );

That yields something similar to:

ArgyleMachine member

Something to think about: complex values of attributes.. if that will still work in an elegant fashion. Should, but worth noting in this issue to think about more.

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