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Revision history for net-whois-ripe
2.006000 2015-05-23
- Fix bug in attribute autogeneration which affected
2.005006 2015-05-23
- Add helper scripts to automatically cope with RIPE database modification
- Modify Objects to match RIPE database version 1.79.2
- Fix to make Net::Whois::Object now emit warning instead of dieing on unknwon attribute
2.005005 2015-03-26
- Fix to make Net::Whois::Generic use 'hostname' parameter
(reported by Stanislav Sinyagin)
- Fix on Net::Whois::Object::AutNum to accept lowecase AutNum name
2.005004 2014-06-29
- Modify Objects to match RIPE database version 1.74.1
2.005003 2014-06-11
- Remove extra VERSION in Net::Whois::Generic
- Load Net::Whois::Generic with Net::Whois::RIPE (experimental)
- Clean tests (remove unneeded 'use Data::Dumper')
- Fix doc (to remove Net::Whois::Object->query() examples)
2.005002 2014-06-09
- Deprecate Net::Whois::Object->query() (Net::Whois::Generic->query() is now recommended)
2.005001 2013-10-11
- Add support for APNIC objects through Net::Whois::Generic
- Simplify query options handling in Net::Whois::Generic
(remove keepalive options)
- Start adding some documentation (far from enough although)
2.005000 2013-10-10
- Add support for generic objects (from various sources, AFRINIC being the first implemented)
through Net::Whois::Generic
2.004002 2013-07-31
- Add 'abuse_c' to AutNum object
2.004001 2013-06-19
- Remove Test::Exception requirement
- Add one test
2.004000 2013-05-29
- Fix 'delete' mode on accessor
- Add skeleton script
2.003000 2013-04-17
Another contribution from Moritz Lenz :
- Add abuse_c field to Organisation
- Inet6num has an attribute 'assignment_size'
- Unknown attributes in Object->new do not die anymore
2.002000 2012-12-03
- Add 'delete' mode to attribute update
- Minor documentation fix
2.001000 2012-11-22
- Add the clone() method to Net::Whois::Object
- Enhance accessor for multiple value attributes
(enable multiple values in default append mode, add a replace mode)
- Add a skeleton for github
2.00020 2012-11-14
- Changes date format in Changes file
(to comply to Test-Changes spec)
- Add new attributes (geoloc, language, abuse_mailbox) to Organisation object
Add 'geoloc', 'language', 'abuse_mailbox' to the Organisation object
Add 'org' to the PeeringSet object
Add 'org' attribute to the RtrSet object
Add 'org' attribute to the RouteSet object
Add 'pingable', 'ping_hdl' and 'org' attribute to the Route(6) objects
Add 'org' attribute to the Role object
Add 'org' and 'abuse_mailbox' attribute to the Person object
Add 'geoloc' and 'language' attribute to the InetNum object
Add 'geoloc' and 'language' attribute to Inet6Num object
Add 'org' and 'mnt_lower' attribute to AsSet object
Update tests accordingly
2.00019 2012-10-12
- **** API CHANGES ****
Now pass the credentials through option hashref
('password' handled the same way as 'pgpkey')
- Add 'align' parameter to the dump() method
(code mainly from Moritz Lenz)
- Fix dump( {align => xxx }) issue on comments
- Tests now handle better network issues
- Add query() class method to Net::Whois::Object
- Also fix some typos, and perltidy the code
2.00018 2012-09-27
Another big contribution from Moritz Lenz :
- drop dependency on Iterator::Util
- Add abuse_mailbox to Role
- Autogenerated accessor
- Reduce memory load by storing met information per class
- Move calls to attributes out of the constructors
- Improve error detection in syncupdates_create
2.00017 2012-09-19
A big thank you to Moritz Lenz from Noris Network AG
for all his patches :
- Add PGP key authentication
- Fix new() to handle unfiltered option
- Preserve attribute order in constructor
- Fix regex in syncupdates_create
- Various typos fixed, documentation addition...
2.00016 2012-09-11
- Depend on LWP::UserAgent instead of WWW::Mechanize
(Thanks to Moritz Lenz)
- Make tests more portable
2.00015 2012-07-17
- Change the way to test if t/ was well loaded
(remove $! checking which caused issue with old Perl versions)
- Minor fix in pod documentation
- Enable RIPE database update (and not only RIPE TEST database)
2.00014 2012-07-07
- Add missing optional dependency to WWW::Mechanize for update features
2.00013 2012-07-06
- Add RIPE SyncUpdates prototype implementation (Create, Update, Delete)
- Add type on attributes and the following methods :
- Add the dump() method
- Add the class() method
- Remove query_filter(), filering is to be done through the class() method
- Now accept Iterator as argument of Net::Whois::Object->new()
- More tests
- Complete the documentation, with some examples
2.00012 2012-06-05
Fix previous broken release (merge goof)
Fix some tests
to skip when there's a Network issue
to adapt to the current type of objects managed
(21 instead of 22, Limerick being removed)
Add Route6, PoeticForm and Irt objects
Add various missing attribute to the RIPE objects.
Renamed Net::Whois::Object filter attribute to query_filter
(to fix name collision with FilterSet filter attribute)
Enhance the documentation
2.00011 2012-06-05
Broken release on github.
2.00010 2012-04-20
Net::Whois::Object addition (By Arnaud "Arhuman" Assad)
2.00009 2011-11-23
2.00008 2011-10-26
2.00003 2011-02-13
2.00002 2010-01-28
1.31 2009-08-23
1.30 2009-07-10
1.23 2006-04-17
1.22 2005-05-09
1.20 2004-11-07
1.19 2002-07-23