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moritz commented Sep 12, 2012

This should work, but I haven't been able to test it, since the RIPE test db throws errors when I try to add a key-cert -- maybe you have more luck? (I've contacted the RIPE support over it, but so far no response)

(If the test key isn't on the server, you'll get a syntax errors that complain that the PGP block doesn't look like an object)

moritz commented Sep 13, 2012

I've finally managed to put a GPG key into the RIPE test database, and with my latest patch (46583ad) all tests pass.

On another topic, since my employer allows me to patch this module in the office hours, would you object to a small acknowledgement in the README file, for example?

arhuman commented Sep 13, 2012

Sorry for the late response : I'm quite busy yet and probably won't be able to merge until next week (I'd like to take some time to test some things...)

Anyway, thanks you.

I already gave you credit (see Changes) in the last release, just give me your company's name, and I'd be glad to add a note in Net::Whois::Object POD

moritz commented Sep 13, 2012

Wow, I hadn't even seen that you made a new release, thanks. My company is "Noris Network AG".


arhuman commented Sep 13, 2012

I try to be as fast as my contributors (and regularly fail) :-)

Noris Network AG !?!?
If I put the note, can you get me an autograph from Chuck ?

@moritz moritz make gpg signing more flexible
now allows overriding of the executable name, and passing of extra options
(in particular I need to be able to pass another keyring file to gpg)
arhuman commented Sep 19, 2012

Included in 2.000017

As I tested all the ways I know (and even some I didn't) to include your commits, the result is out of sequence and...weird...but hopefully correct.

@arhuman arhuman closed this Sep 19, 2012
moritz commented Sep 24, 2012

Thanks for merging. The sequence of the commits doesn't really matter, since all pull requests only touch different parts of the code.

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