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This wiki is a space for planning functionality and building documentation.

How to contribute to this project

1 Use it

Yes, just install the software and see how it works. Think about how it might work better and what would improve how it works for you.

1.1 Get the Jobsworth code

  • Fork the Jobsworth Repository
    Navigate to the https://github.com/ari/jobsworth repository and press “Fork” in the upper right hand corner.
  • Clone the Jobsworth Repository
    $ git clone git://github.com/your-user-name/jobsworth.git

    and create a dedicated branch:
    $ cd jobsworth

    $ git checkout -b my_new_branch

1.2 Rails follows a simple set of coding style conventions.

  • Two spaces, no tabs.
  • No trailing whitespace. Blank lines should not have any space.
  • Indent after private/protected.
  • Prefer &&/|| over and/or.
  • Prefer class << self block over self.method for class methods.
  • MyClass.my_method(my_arg) not my_method( my_arg ) or my_method my_arg.
  • a = b and not a=b.
  • Follow the conventions you see used in the source already.

1.3 Commit Your Changes

$ git commit -a -m "Here is a commit message on what I changed in this commit"

After commit run the tests:

$ rake test

$ rspec spec/

1.4 Update dev

It’s pretty likely that other changes to dev have happened while you were working. Go get them:

$ git checkout dev

$ git pull

Now reapply your patch on top of the latest changes:

$ git checkout my_new_branch

$ git rebase dev
No conflicts? Tests still pass? Change still seems reasonable to you? Then move on.

1.5 Issue a Pull Request

We prefer small well commented requests rather than one big merge which we have to then pull apart to get to merge properly.

Navigate to the Jobsworth repository you just pushed to (e.g. https://github.com/your-user-name/jobsworth) and press “Pull Request” in the upper right hand corner.

Write your branch name in branch field and press “Update Commit Range”

Ensure the changesets you introduced are included in the “Commits” tab and that the “Files Changed” incorporate all of your changes.

Fill in some details about your potential patch including a meaningful title. When finished, press “Send pull request.” Jobsworth team will be notified about your submission.
Based on rails guide

2 Have an idea

Document your idea in these pages. Where possible include pictures, screenshots and other information to flesh out the idea. Some existing planning pages are here: development planning. Feel free to add your own.

3 Write code

Fork the project here on github and write an enhancement to the project.

4 Report bugs

Use the bug tracker (issues at the top of the page) and report problems in as much detail as you can.

5 Help with the documentation

This is always an area which is falling behind and much help is appreciated here.

6 Clean up the html/css

Even if you don’t know Ruby coding, perhaps you are able to fork the project and help with the cleanup of html. We want to eliminate Prototype, use html tables only when appropriate and make the css clear and readable.

7 Installation Guides

See Installation-Help for documentation on installation.