Workflow scripts for the ish onCourse student management system
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A number of different resources provided by default with the current release of onCourse.

  • email : email templates
  • export : groovy scripts to generate exports from all parts of onCourse
  • reports : JasperReport templates for all reports
  • scripts : groovy based workflow scripts
  • import: groovy based scripts to import data to onCourse

Users of onCourse are encouraged to use and modify these scripts. Please feel free to fork the repository and share any scripts with other users or collaborate on new ones.

The current documentation for the API these scripts and templates use can be found here:

The contents of the folders below this readme file are copyright ish group pty ltd and licensed under the Apache License 2.0. That means that you are able to copy and use this scripts for your own use. You don't have to share them in any way, although are encouraged to do so if it fits your business policy.