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Aria Haghighi
Aria Haghighi committed Aug 29, 2010
1 parent b9e62f7 commit 613b64dd10f04e46c6d70262ea80391687001701
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@@ -91,10 +91,15 @@
(internal-factorize [this M k] (lee-seung-factorize M k opts)))
+;; --------------------------------------------------------
+;; Main Method
+;; --------------------------------------------------------
(defn factorize
"Approximately factorizes M into [X,Y] with some implementation. This
is where to go if you don't want to think about any details. The only
parmaeter k is which controls how big the approximation is.
k should be smaller than the maximum of the rows or column of M"
[M k]
(internal-factorize (LeeSeungFactorization. {:num-iters 100}) M k))

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