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(ns mochi.nlp.process.sent-splitter
(:import [ SentenceDetector])
(:use [clojure.contrib singleton def repl-utils]
[clojure.contrib.javadoc browse]
[mochi core file-utils]
[mochi.nlp.process tokenizer]))
(def- ^SentenceDetector open-nlp-sent-split
#(-> "opennlp_models/eng-sent-seg.bin.gz"
(resource-to-temp-file ".bin.gz")
(defrecord Sentence [toks char-span source])
(defn make-Sentence [toks char-span source]
(Sentence. toks char-span source))
(defn sent-spans
"return vec of [start stop] indices for sentence text"
[^String txt]
(partition 2 1
(concat [0] (.sentPosDetect (open-nlp-sent-split) txt) [(.length txt)])))
(defn split-sents
"return vec of sentence spans"
[^String txt]
(fn [[start stop]] (.substring txt start stop))
(sent-spans txt)))
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