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(ns mochi.counter
{:doc "Counter abstraction. Essentially a map between keys
and counts. Don't just use a map since you may want to
cache things like the total count. Forms the basis
for a lot of discrete probability code. "
:author "Aria Haghighi"}
(:use [mochi core])
(:require [mochi.sloppy-math :as sloppy-math]))
;;; ICounter Protocol ;;;
(defprotocol ICounter
(total-count [c] "total-count of all key value pairs")
(get-count [c k] "get count")
(inc-count [c k v] "inc count, return a new counter with updated counts")
(all-counts [c] "a map from keys to counts"))
(defn set-count [counter k v]
(inc-count counter k (- v (get-count counter k))))
(extend-protocol ICounter
; So a normal map is treated like a counter
(total-count [this] (sum (vals this)))
(get-count [this k] (get this k 0.0))
(inc-count [this k v] (assoc this k (+ (get this k 0.0) v)))
(all-counts [this] this)
; As is a transient map
(total-count [this] (sum (vals this)))
(get-count [this k] (get this k 0.0))
(inc-count [this k v] (assoc! this k (+ (get this k 0.0) v)))
(all-counts [this] this))
; The counter type exists, to
; cache the total as well as
; add things like IFn support
; and a unique toString
(deftype Counter [counts total]
(seq [this] (seq (.counts this)))
(count [this] (count (.counts this)))
(invoke [this k] (get (.counts this) k 0.0))
(toString [this] (str (.counts this)))
(hashCode [this] (.hashCode (.counts this)))
(asTransient [this] (Counter. (transient counts) total))
(persistent [this] (Counter. (persistent! counts) total))
(transient? [this] (transient? (.counts this)))
(total-count [this] (.total this))
(get-count [this k] (get (.counts this) k 0.0))
(all-counts [this] (.counts this))
(inc-count [this k v]
(let [assoc-fn (if (transient? this) assoc! assoc)]
(assoc-fn (.counts this) k (+ v (get-count this k)))
(+ (.total this) v)))))
(defn make
"ICounter Factory"
([] (Counter. {} 0.0))
([counts] (Counter. counts (reduce + (map second counts)))))
;;; Methods That Make a new ICounter ;;;
(defn map-counter
[f counter]
(make (map-vals f (all-counts counter))))
(defn scale
[counter alpha]
(map-counter #(* alpha %) counter))
(defn normalize
(scale counter (/ 1 (total-count counter))))
(defn merge-counters
"adds counts from all input counters"
[& counters]
(apply merge-with + (map all-counts counters))
(sum (map total-count counters))))
;;; Mathy Methods ;;;
(defn log-normalize
"for a counter, where counts represent lg(x) counts
returns log-sum = lg(um_i x_i) as well as
counts which subtract log-sum from each value"
(let [log-sum (sloppy-math/log-add (map second counter))]
[log-sum (map-counter #(- % log-sum) counter)]))
(defn log-scores-to-probs [counter]
(let [[log-sum log-counts] (log-normalize counter)]
[log-sum (map-counter #(Math/exp %) log-counts)]))
(defn find-max [counter]
(apply max-key second (all-counts counter)))
(def c (make))
(class (.counts c))
(transient? c)
(transient? (transient c))
(transient? c)
(fn [counts key] (inc-count counts key 1.0))
(transient (make))
(take 1e5 (repeatedly (constantly :a))))))
(fn [counts key] (inc-count counts key 1.0))
(take 1e5 (repeatedly (constantly :a)))))
#{ 1 2 }
(def c (-> (make) (inc-count :a 1.0) (inc-count :b 2.0)))
(all-counts c)
(find-max c)
(merge-counters c c)
(log-normalize (inc-count c :a -1.0))
(log-scores-to-probs (inc-count c :a -1.0))
(-> (make)
(inc-count :a 1.0)
(inc-count :b 2.0)
(scale 2.0)