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Releases: Ariadne-CMS/ariadne

Ariadne 10 (release candidate 1)

19 Dec 15:47
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Changes for Ariadne 10

This release officially supports PHP 7.2. This is the last release we tested on PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0, since these versions will be no longer supported after jan. 1 2019.


  • Added pdftk module (mod_pdftk) - adds handling for PDF backgrounds, concats, splitting and other PDF juggling skills.
  • Updated Archive/Tar to the 1.4.3


  • Improved the SVN code to be more robust by adding extra error checks.

Ariadne 9.7

10 Jun 12:48
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Changes for Ariadne 9.7


  • Fixed bug when locking passwords, now correctly stores '!' as the hashed password. This means that user cannot login anymore.
  • Fixed bug when importing files from older Ariadne versions, which had duplicate file storage. In certain cases files would be de-duplicated on import, but the reference would be to removed file instead of the kept file. This means that import would create a pfile object without a real file.

Ariadne 9.6

20 May 14:18
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  • IMPORTANT: this release no longer supports old passwords stored as MD5 hashes. If you can no longer login, reset the password using an administrator account. This should only be an issue if you upgrade from a very old Ariadne release (<9).
  • Added ar('loader')->stdin()/stdout()/stderr() functions that return the php IO streams
  • The Ariadne loader now also handles PUT requests, use ar('loader')->stdin() to get the php://input stream
  • Improved security code by using the new random_bytes()/random_int() functions, with a secure fallback for older PHP versions.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in mod_edit that broke grouping of related fields
  • Fixed a number of warnings by better use of isset()
  • Fixed the browse dialog: selection in the right pane and pagination now work again.
  • Fixed incorrect content-length header in cache images that use session placeholders.
  • Fixed a bug in the importer that in very specific circumstances could misapply grants to the wrong group.
  • Fixed that ar_url can handle ar_tainted options and untaint them when applied to a url

Ariadne 9.5

22 Mar 16:06
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  • the ariadne backend details view can now be configured to show different
    columns. In addition you can add custom filters or completely rewrite the
  • ar\url now users arc\url, which supports all valid URL formats
  • php7 support improved
  • onbeforesave and workflow.pre now have access to the complete set of
  • added ar\store::info method, that returns meta information about objects.
    This is faster and uses less memory than calling templates.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a bug in the html cleaner that broke html5 custom tags / web
  • fixed a bug that allowed onbeforesave / user.workflow.pre to overwrite
  • fixed bug in upgrade script that prevented upgrades from 8.4 to 9.x
  • fixed possible XSS attacks with file names in a file upload
  • ar\contents\file::getContents now forces the stream pointer to stay put,
    this fixes problems in specific php versions.
  • fixed use of array functions in pinp that update the array by reference
    (usort, uasort, array_walk, etc.)

Ariadne 9.4

11 Jan 10:36
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  • updated composer libraries
  • php7 support, it passes the unit tests, and is installable. We aren't running anything on it yet, so handle with care.
  • added encryption support for mysqlstore. You can now encrypt an entire subtree in Ariadne.
  • added zlib functions to pinp whitelist.
  • added scaffold support to most of the object types. In /system/scaffolds/muze/ add a new directory with a type as filename, e.g. 'pdir' or 'pdir.subtype'. Add objects of that type under that directory, just like the projects under /system/scaffolds/muze/pproject/. Now when you create a new object of that type, you can select a scaffold and get templates and children added automatically.

Bug fixes

  • Detect php parse errors in pinp compiler with nikix/php-parser. No more PHP fatal errors when saving templates.
  • Fixed an escaping bug in htmlcleaner for attributes
  • Fixed mod_tar in pear mode, windows installs should now work again.
  • Fixed installer for the usecase where the www dir is copied instead of symlinked
  • Fixed esi including schemeless uri's

Performance improvements:

  • +- 10% performce gain by improving performance of performance heavy functions

Ariadne 9.3

04 Dec 14:18
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This release is mainly targeted on bug fixes and performance improvements

  • fixes bugs #64 #65 and #71
  • fix various issues in cache validity calculation
  • bug fixes in the workspace store
  • fixes mod_captcha gd detection
  • specify MySQL database engine instead of letting MySQL pick one
  • on store upgrade, also add/modify indexes

performance fixes:

  • speed up password check for the user public
  • make find work with large result sets, switch export to use this new behaviour
  • specify MySQL database engine instead of letting MySQL decide

Ariadne 9.2

01 Sep 13:29
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Quickest release ever! Ok, so we made a small error, ar::callSuper() (and call_super()) were broken in the last dash to make Ariadne 9.1 a reality. We fixed it, don't install 9.1. Sorry.

Ariadne 9.1

01 Sep 08:43
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Another 6 months of hard work have resulted in numerous improvements and bugfixes. The most important improvements are in the Vedor Editor. It is now much more at home in mobile devices and in FireFox. It now supports switching languages in a multi-language website and allows you to dock the hovering toolbars. In addition we've shipped a lot of plugin libraries for the editor, allowing you to do all kinds of cool stuff with it. Check out the new scaffolds to see how they work. Finally we've updated and improved the muze libraries, including the base, base layout and the development libraries. You can read the Changes file for a full list of changes.

Note: export files made with Ariadne 9.1 can only be read by Ariadne 9.1 and up, because we added an extra field to all properties ('scope').

Ariadne 9.0

11 Mar 19:20
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Its been almost a year since the last major Ariadne release, but we think its been worth the wait. This is the biggest Ariadne release we've done in a long time. It includes:

  • A new inline WYSIWYG editor, mobile and touch-friendly, made by Vedor since 2004, now Open Source for the first time.
  • The Muze.cms and packages, making it easier than ever to work with Ariadne.
  • Scaffolds. Instead of copying existing projects or creating them entirely from scratch, you can now select a scaffold and the project is preconfigured en filled in for you.
  • Closures in PINP templates.
  • The Magic Cache. Never see outdated pages anymore.
  • Markdown, Less and Bootstrap included.