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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
"author": "Arian Stolwijk (",
"name": "coverjs",
"description": "JSCoverage compatible JavaScript code coverage tool",
- "version": "0.0.6-alpha",
+ "version": "0.0.7-alpha",
"repository": {
"url": "git://"

4 comments on commit 5b28c17

Why not to npm publish this version?

npm show CoverJS says that latest version available is 0.0.6-alpha.


arian replied Aug 1, 2012

it is:, looks like it's 0.0.7-alpha there.


arian replied Aug 1, 2012

also npm show coverjs shows me 0.0.7-alpha. Maybe it's something with uppercase stuff and newer npm versions..?

Thanks, npm install coverjs works

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