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Milk.js is the new super modular JavaScript framework and is a MooTools project.

Milk.js consist out of:

  • Base - Base functionality, Array, Function, String, Number and Object methods, Class and other goodies
  • DOM - A OOP based DOM API with Class as Element wrappers.
  • Slick - Our super duper famous and precise selector engine.
  • Request - Everything you requests. Especially a XHR wrapper, but also JSONP.
  • Fx - Shiny Animations
  • JSON - JSON decoding and encoding
  • Color - Convert your HEX codes to rgb values, other transformations, a colorfull package.
  • Table - Actually a Map, but can store values with non scalar keys.

Use the issues for any Milk.js project related issues. For package specific issues please create a new issue there.


All these cool packages will use AMD, the new relatively and awesome module format.

If you're brave enough to test some features you will need a AMD loader like require.js.


Testing will be done with our test suite Sprinter. Soon, in the near future, each repository will have a Spec folder containing all the specs for that project. Sprinter uses Jasmine and (usually) Require.JS.