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Notifications is a service to send messages between Mootools classes and instances
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NotificationCenter handles messages and distributes them to all observers.

How to use

NotificationCenter facilitates communications between classes or plugins that do not know about each other.

When a class posts a notification, all observers are notified. The object posting the notification does not need to know anything about the observers.

var MyTabController = new Class({
    // Tab controller code here
    activateTab: function(tab) {
        // set styles, etc
        NotificationCenter.postNotification('TabActivated', { controller: this, tab: tab });

An object can add itself as an observer for a notification by passing a callback function that will be executed when another object posts that notification.

var MyVideoPlayer = new Class({
    initialize: function() {
        // Video player code here
        NotificationCenter.addObserver('TabActivated', function(message) {
            if ( === '#video') {

An object can post notifications to all listeners using the wildcard ''. Additionaly, an object can observe all notifications using the '' wildcard.

var MyBroadcaster = new Class({
    initialize: function() {
        // Notify all observers
        NotificationCenter.postNotification('*', {msg: 'Broadcaster initialized!'});

var MySpy = new Class({
    initialize: function() {
        NotificationCenter.addObserver('*', this.logNotification.bind(this));
    logNotification: function(message) {
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