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Datepicker bug specific to Chrome running on Windows 8 #130

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I seem to have a bug with the Mootools datepicker which only manifests itself with Google Chrome under Windows 8. It works fine on IE (various versions), Safari, Firefox etc, and even Chrome under Windows 7. Interestingly, the same version of Chrome (23.0.1271.64 m) works under Windows 7 but not under Windows 8. IE under Windows 8 works fine.

The problem can be seen in the date of birth field at ... ter-online

The bug is that while the datepicker looks OK at first, but one can't get past 1960 on the list of birth years. The box stays glued to the curser !? and when the mouse is moved, the box stays glued to it.

I'm using the Mootools datepicker with config:

yearPicker: true, startView: 'decades', format: '%e %B %Y'

The problem arises with any of DashBoard, JQUI or Vista styles selected. I've tried the Monkey Physics date picker, but this has various (more serious) bugs which appear with all browsers.

Does anybody have any ideas on this?

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